About Us

The Lawrence Foundation of Buffalo Preservation and Agricultural Heritage was established in 2000 by Lester C Lawrence, owner of the LCL Buffalo Ranch located in the Clifton-Clyde area of North Central Kansas.

The Lawrence Foundation is a non-profit entity set up to preserve the historical past of Rural America & educate future generations to come. We offer tours and open up our facility for use to the community for an array of special events.

Our site consist of the original homestead, Gothic Style barn, working scale house, three museums with hundreds of agricultural implements dating from the 1800’s forward including: horse drawn equipment, vintage cars, antique farm vehicles, just to name a few plus a very unique collection of Western Arts dedicated to it’s own building. All this, surrounded by approx 70 head of Buffalo that roam the pastures.

Nothing can replace the experience of standing before a natural buffalo panorama, particularly those of exceptional quality like the ones here at the Lawrence Foundation/LCL Buffalo Ranch. Visitors seeing the panoramas feel the same thrill that early 20th-century visitors felt when faced with the beautiful views or the majestic buffalo–it’s an experience that cannot be replaced by an electronic facsimile. The Lawrence Foundation/LCL Buffalo Ranch would like to share our adventures with you.